Friday Lunch Together
Conversations at lunch... - 2005-03-07

Dear Egg Buyer,

Friday Lunch Together

Every Friday, the office group gets together to have a lunch in the ''Board Room'', which is presently my office. Since Bob Beauregard has taken over as General Manager, I have had to move out of my sunny office to the back room. And sometimes, the heat back here is pretty weak and I have to put on a parka and a hat. That's what I'm wearing now.


The Conversation

The talk during lunch can go anywhere. If our sales manager is present, the subject of the Patriots or Red Sox will probably surface. This time, Jim was at the dentist so the Pats and Sox were not covered. David, our Office Manager, was also out at the doctors, so golf was not discussed. But there was an interesting story about a skunk.


The Skunk

When Bob Beauregard first arrived at The Country Hen 9 years ago, times were not as perfect as now. We did have a few challenges. One was the rumor that we had a skunk in our midst. People could tell his presence by a noticeable decline in air quality. But his actual whereabouts were unknown.


Found In Residence

He was finally discovered in barn 3, leading a life of luxury. This skunk did not trouble himself by eating hens, but was treating himself to Country Hen eggs full of Omega-3 eggs, good for reducing strokes, heart disease, and cancer. The high lutein content of our eggs also helped keep Mr. Skunk's eyes free of macular degeneration. To keep himself in shape, he would place himself on a treadmill which was, in fact, the clean side of the manure belt. Every day, that belt was turned on and our friend, the skunk, would place himself on the belt and enjoy a workout.


Charlie & Sarah

If you come to the farm, and we hope you do, you won't be able to meet Mr. Skunk. But we do want you to meet two charming goats, Charlie and Sarah , who have been living with us for some time. We hope you will come and meet them and us sometime after May 15th, when we open all the windows to let the breeze blow freely through our barns. Friday mornings are the best days to visit. Just call Steve 978-928-5333. And if you would like to visit the best homemade ice cream factory in the USA, we would love to treat you to a delicious banana split at Calico & Crème, just down the road. We look forward to your visit.


For those at the Country Hen,

George S. Bass

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