We Are Working On A Railroad
The P&W Railroad... - 2005-05-05

Dear Egg Buyer,

We Are Working On A Railroad

This morning, I had an appointment with Chris Guzzi of the Providence and Worcester Railroad (the P&W). I told Chris we were thinking of putting in a depot in Hubbardston for our feed mill to receive the grain coming in from the Midwest. Truck rates are getting to be exorbitant. We found the P&W siding in town to be only 2 miles away with a 4-minute drive. Chris and I then went to another siding in Princeton and found it 7 miles away and a 10-minute drive. It seemed almost providential that these workable sites should be so close to our farm.


During Our Talk

Chris told me that the P&W was founded in 1844. It had been leased to the Penn Central and then became independent in 1973. It is a public company, listed on the American Stock Exchange as PWX. It is an excellent small railroad and just recently received the Silver Medal award for safety. They have 200 employees and 30 diesel electric engines. They run two passenger tours to the Roger Williams Park Zoo. One leaves on 14 May and the other on Fathers' Day, June 19. Visit their website,, or telephone 508-755-4000 for details.


Chris Asks About The Chickens

I told Chris that we had rebuilt our barn that had burned down and that we were the founders of the organic egg business. We were also the first to develop the Omega-3 egg, and that our eggs are high in lutein and selenium. I explained that we have held our prices for almost 7 years. But, I told him that we will have to raise our prices. Feed costs have gone up about 20%. Now, gasoline and diesel prices have gone up. Our health plan continually escalates, and so on and so forth.


Come Visit Our Farm

We hope that you might be able to visit us here in Hubbardston, between May 15 and Oct 15. Friday mornings are the best time. After the tour we will give you free eggs, a bag of our compost and a coupon for a free cone of the world's best ice cream just down the road at Calico and Crème. In the meantime, enjoy our eggs and note how the yolks stand tall, the whites don't run and the taste is simply beyond simple powers of description.


For those at the Country Hen,

George S. Bass

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