A New Day Was Dawning
Wild birds... - 2005-06-01

Dear Egg Buyer,

A New Day Was Dawning

It was 6:10 AM. I was eating my favorite breakfast: a Country Hen omelet made with organic butter. I looked out of the picture window and saw blue skies and small fleecy clouds, carried by a southwest wind. There was a yellow bird at the feeder. About 100 feet away, a wild tom turkey was preening himself. Suddenly overhead, two ducks shot by. These are some of the pleasures I enjoy while living in Hubbardston. Today, I had to go to Barn 9 and talk to my hens about a serious problem.


A Few Malefactors

There had been an outbreak of floor eggs in this barn. We had responded quickly, so the percentage was not high. There are always a few unruly birds that decide to plant their valuable product on the floor or on the benches, instead of the nests. The best way to stop this behavior is to pick up the eggs by hand and place them in a wire basket. We also did the dummy egg trick. We fastened plastic eggs on small boards and put these devices in each nest. This does work.


Back At The Office

I would actually prefer to spend the day in the barns, rather than do office work. But we have a few problems to solve. One of these is how do we control increased costs. We haven't raised our prices in 7 years. We have found ways to reduce expenses. We put in new nests, which reduced labor. We have consolidated two inefficient barns into one better barn. And now we are actually building a small railroad depot to receive 100-ton railroad cars. Trucking rates are soaring because of crazy fuel costs. We have our own organic feed mill, right on the farm, in order to control the quality of our feed.


Pressure Mounts

It seems that soon, we will have to cave in and raise our prices just a little bit. You can rest assured that we will never reduce the quality of our eggs. We have the highest Omega-3 content of any organic egg. We have a high lutein content, 345 mcg per egg, which is helpful in preventing macular degeneration. Our lecithin and choline counts are high, which support good memory. Best of all, the yolks stand tall, the whites don't run and the taste is so good I cannot adequately describe it.


For The Country Hen,

George S. Bass

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