Compost Season Again
Come get some compost at the farm... - 2005-06-09

Dear Egg Buyer,

Compost Season Again

Our farm compost is selling well here at the farm. We sell it here every Saturday, together with eggs, between 8:00 AM and 12:00 PM. Come visit, buy, and see other local attractions. There is the world's best ice cream down the road, at Calico & Creme. At the Westfield Farm, which is also nearby, you can buy their delicious Capri goat chesse, which is produced on site.


Why Buy Our Product?

There are many wonderful garden products on the market, including potting soils that contain lobster whiskers and crab toenails, pelletized raw chicken manure, and various wondrous fertilizers. But, we have tested samples of our compost in a private lab and twice in a university lab. We have gone head to head with all of these three products and have beaten them.


Tomato Plants And Turf

Tomato plants take off on our compost. One tomato study showed an 80% improvement with our compost over a 'professional growing media' (PGM), in terms of total plant weight. In a turf trial, our compost showed a 60% improvement in height and a 111% increase in yield over the PGM. In general, our customers comment on the vitality and hardiness of their plants and flowers all through the summer.


It's A Soil Amendment

Our compost is not a fertilizer. It is low in NPK, only about 1:2:1. But, the wonderful bacteria, which have reduced our organic manure, meadow hay, and local sawdust to rich, non-odorous compost, have a beneficial effect of their own. They assist in the better uptake of NPK by the plant, although the compost is low in NPK. In a turf study, our compost increases uptake of NPK by 19%, 10% and 28%, respectively, over the values of PGM. It also increased boron by 95%. It reduced aluminum, a toxic substance to plants, by 50%.


To Find Our Compost

Please check our website to find the store, nearest to you, that carries our compost. You may also call Steve at (978) 928-5333. Unfortunately, this fine product is only sold in the larger Boston area. In the meantime, please don't forget the valuable ingredients in our eggs: Lutein, Selenium and Omega-3s, which are beneficial for protection against heart disease, stroke and cancer. We make no medical claims, only that we are the producers of the World's Best Egg and, undoubtedly, the World's Best Compost.


Happy Gardening and Bon Appetit!


For those at the Country Hen,

George S. Bass

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