A foul-up in scheduling... - 2005-07-15

Dear Egg Buyer,


I was mortified! David, our office manager, came into my office to tell me that 70 people were seated in a room, near Boston, waiting to listen to me give a talk on The Country Hen and our egg. I was at the farm and there was no way that I could be there in time. I told the organizer that I was extremely sorry for my awful a foul-up in scheduling. The 70 people all live in a retirement community. They did not have far to come or go, but still it was a grievous error on my part. I asked for a chance at another time, and again apologized.


My Proposed Talk

The message that I had planned to give was divided into two parts. The first part dealt with the reasons that prompted me to begin an organic egg farm - the first in the U.S.A. I first started egg farming in Colombia, South America, where I spent 15 years. I witnessed, first hand, strong evidence of the misuse of pesticides in Colombia. I also happened to read 'The Silent Spring' by Rachel Carson. Her thesis was powerful: DDT was entering the eggs of robins and killing them. If it entered a robin's egg, why would it not enter into eggs of chickens? I was able to prove that it did.


Back In The USA

The second part of my talk was to be devoted to explaining the research we did into our organic egg, soon after we started up production. We conducted three human trials to test the effect of Omega-3s on cholesterol levels. The results were exciting! Those people eating our eggs had an average reduction of 12 points, while non-egg eaters had a reduction of only 4 points. We decided that we could not go public with such a claim because of FDA restrictions. But evidence began to mount that Omega-3s were very beneficial for the prevention of cancer, strokes and heart disease.


For The Rest Of The Story

Space does not permit the telling of the good news of the lutein, selenium and choline in our eggs. We have the entire story (less choline) on our website: In the meantime, thank you for being a customer. And should you wish to hear the entire story in person, I would be pleased to come to your group, and I will be on time. Just call (978) 928-5333.


For those at the Country Hen,

George S. Bass

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