Don't Fear Cholesterol
A few cholesterol experiments... - 2005-08-17

Dear Egg Buyer,

Don't Fear Cholesterol

One early researcher set the tone for many following researchers. He is Dr. Anitschkov. He became famous for showing how cholesterol can induce large deposits in arteries. But what was the method? It was crazy. He saturated poor grass eating bunnies with chemical cholesterol in great amounts - not with eggs, but with cholesterol extract.


Eggs Don't Damage Bunnies

I told a friend of mine, Dr. Boguslaw Lipinski, that the Russian bunny trick was absurd. Bunnies are meant to eat grass and people's vegetable gardens. But, we thought that it would be interesting to see if eggs, not pure cholesterol, would cause heart disease in bunnies. In 1987, Dr. Lipinski and Mr. Stephen Niewiarowski, M.D. and Ph.D., Professor of Medicine at Temple University, conducted a study with ten rabbits.


The Rabbit Experiment at Temple

Five rabbits each ate one ordinary egg yolk per day and five other rabbits ate egg whites. At the end of a month or so, the arteries of all the rabbits were carefully examined under a microscope. Obviously, the bunnies were killed in a most merciful, caring way. One yolk per bunny might be equal, on a weekly basis, to more than twenty yolks per person per day. Results: no differences were found between the arteries of the yolk fed bunnies and those bunnies eating egg whites.


Three Human Experiments

Dr. Lipinski then decided to perform an experiment with our own enriched Omega-3 eggs. We found willing subjects who would eat two Country Hen eggs a day for one year. We then began two other similar, but shorter, experiments: one was with a boys' lacrosse team and another was with people over 65. Combining all three experiments, the results were amazing! The cholesterol count for all egg eaters went DOWN 12 points, while the non-egg eaters went down 4 points.


No Medical Claims

We do not make medical claims, since it's not permissible by the laws of the land. We would need FDA approval and millions of dollars. But, we do say that our eggs (size large) contain 300mg of Omega-3s, 345mg of Lutein, 150mg of Choline, and 18mg of Selenium. And we do make one claim - we have the World's Best Egg. The yolks stand tall, the whites don't run, and the taste is awesome! Enjoy your summer - with our eggs of course.


For The Country Hen,

George S. Bass

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