The New Orleans Disaster
Hurricane Katrina... - 2005-09-27

Dear Egg Buyer,

The New Orleans Disaster

It is so sad to see, hear and think of all the suffering caused by Hurricane Katrina. We are prepared to send eggs, at no cost, to Otis Air Force Base on Cape Cod, in spite of the fact that the number of displaced persons has been greatly reduced. Of course, Katrina has also hurt the economy, by reducing gasoline supplies by about 20%.


Even Before Katrina

The Country Hen had not raised our prices in seven (7) years. We have met increased costs by finding ways to become more efficient. But in mid-August, before Katrina, we decided we could no longer hold the line. We sent out notices to our customers that we would have to raise our prices by about 9%. In the past seven years, our labor costs have increased 20%, the cost of our feed has gone up 29%, that gasoline has increased 120%, just to mention a few increases.


We Are The Most Expensive

Yes, you are paying top dollar for our eggs, but note the difference:

Our Egg Large - 300mg
USDA Egg Large* - 37mg
Our Advantage - 711%

Our Egg Large - 345mcg
USDA Egg Large - 130mcg (est.)
Our Advantage - 165%

Our Egg Large - 155mg
USDA Egg Large - 125mg**
Our Advantage - 24%

Our Egg Large - 17mcg
USDA Egg Large - 16mcg
Our Advantage - 6%

Omega-3s are beneficial for the prevention of strokes, heart disease, cancer and depression. Lutein aids in preventing macular degeneration. Choline has been shown to aid memory in animals. Selenium is associated with reduction in prostate cancer. However, we make no medical claims for our eggs, due to FDA regulations.


**USDA Database for the Choline content of common foods - March 2004


Best Of All - The Taste!

We believe the proof is in the eating. You will find, when you crack one of our spheroids, the yolk stands tall, the whites don't run, and the taste is simply beyond description.

We hope you are enjoying the fall and that, in some way, we all may help the victims of Hurricane Katrina.



George S. Bass

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