Margot, The Conservationist
The National Park of Ecuador... - 2005-12-01

Dear Egg Buyer,

Margot, The Conservationist

Our family is so proud of Margot, my daughter. She is a conservation biologist and has worked many years in the National Park of Ecuador, called Yasuni (For those of you interested in helping Yasuni, you may email In addition, she is part of a group that has successfully kept an oil company from putting roads into this jungle, which would then become cut down by the campesinos who want to graze cattle and plant crops. From 1978 to 2000, over 101 million acres of Amazon rain forest have been destroyed. That acreage is more than twenty times the size of Massachusetts.


Her Thesis

Margot is writing her thesis for a master's degree at the University of Maryland. I asked her if she had made any personal discoveries. Yes, she has. She found that in the studies she has read, this Yasuni Park might contain more tropical fish than any other place in the world. Some of these fish eat fruit that drop from trees and help disperse the seeds to other sites along the river.


So What's The Egg Connection?

Just as Margot, an expert on trees and plants, has found a new source of interest in the jungle (fish), I seem to be finding new things in the egg that I was not aware of. For instance, Lutein in our size large egg is at 345mcg versus 130mcg for the common egg. Lutein is helpful for the prevention of Macular Degeneration, a common eye condition among the elderly.


Time For Christmas Cheer

We make no medical claims, but we do know how to make the world's best organic eggnog! The simple recipe is easy: one cup of organic milk, one Country Hen organic egg, one tablespoon of maple syrup, one teaspoon of vanilla. Mix it all in a blender for about twenty seconds. For those of you who want more entertainment, add rum, Kahlua, a scoop of ice cream or whatever you want.


A Merry Christmas To All

If our printer is quick, this message may arrive in time for Christmas. If not, please excuse us for improper planning. In any case, we hope you will enjoy the holiday season to the fullest. We thank you for your past business and hope that we can continue as partners in the future.


Your Egg Man,

George S. Bass

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