Our General Manager, Bob
Feed Operator to General Manager - 2008-01-10

Dear Egg Buyer,

Bob Beauregard started with The Country Hen 12 years ago. The last time we did an insert on Bob, it is was in the spring of 2002, when he was our Operations Manager. Now he is General Manager of The Country Hen. Before that, he was with the Navy on the USS Cone, where he worked on ship boilers. After serving in the Navy, he was employed by a steel company. Next, he managed a pallet manufacturing company.


At the Country Hen Feed Mill

When Bob started with our company, we found out he knew and understood mechanical equipment. He was our feed manager and increased our feed mill capacity. We took down two wooden silos on the farm and put up several metal silos. Bob also purchased such things as corn, soy and many other ingredients in our exclusive feed formula.


Omega-3s Wild Fish Meal

We were the first eggs high in Omega-3s- much higher levels than other produced foods. Bob was the buyer for the mill and used wild fish meal from Virginia. Then, wild fish meal was no longer available in Virginia, so we decided to buy wild herring fish meal from Canada. We were the first feed with fish meal, which gives our eggs high EPA, LNA, and DHA levels.


Bob Sets Up A New Egg Processor

When eggs come from the barns, they go through a washer. After that, they have to get candled with lights that show roughs, broken, or imperfect shells. Then the eggs go over a calibrated system to get weighed to determine egg size. As egg sales increased, Bob had to spend many, many hours to install a new, larger egg processor. It did such a great job that we have used this machine since 1997.



Bob Beauregard, the General Manager, has supplied us with the benefit of his great experience during his twelve years here. He has worked with processing machines, compost, and all types of poultry management. In addition, he has put up 3 double story barns. We had a contractor, but Bob was in charge of the buildings. We are very happy to have Bob with us, and we hope to see him here for many years.


For those at the Country Hen,

George S. Bass

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