Southern New Jersey
George's Childhood Farm - 2008-02-15

Dear Egg Buyer,

When I was ten years old, my mother had a farm in southern New Jersey. She had two workers on the farm who really knew about cows, milking, plowing horses, trucks, and tractors.


My Mother and The Truck

In the summer, my mother would drive the truck for haying during the season. Then, two of the workers would get the hay into the barn. At times, my mother would get the whole family up at 6:00 a.m. to cut asparagus. My father had 600 workers at his company during WWII, but he had to cut asparagus with the family, too.


I Had My Chores

In the morning, I also had to feed my huge pig and little piglets. After that was done, I picked some of the eggs in the nest in the small hen house. There were ablout 12 white hens. The most exciting part was that I had about 75 turkeys. I would feed all of them. After my chores, I got on my bike for about two miles and then caught the school bus. After my chores in the afternoon, I would sit down by the radio and listen to 'Jack Armstrong, The All American Boy.'


Hens in Colombia

My mother taught all of us how to be great workers. I started the first modern egg operation in Colombia. In 1962, we only had 5,000 hens. When I finished in 1977, I had over 200,000 hens and pullets. Everyday, I spoke Spanish.


When I Started The Second Farm

When I started in 1987, in the USA, there was not a U.S. organic law. But, with the first U.S. law, you could use cages for the hens. I thought it was awful that they were going to allow cages. I went to two meetings- one was in New Jersey and one was in California. Finally, they changed the law: no cages. We had the very first egg with Omega-3s, with the knowledge gained from the help of many scientists.


Many Thanks

Many, many thanks to all of our great customers. I also thank my wonderful mother.


For those at the Country Hen,

George S. Bass

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