Sheila Knew About Accounting
Adventures of the Country Hen Accountant - 2008-03-07

Dear Egg Buyer,

Eleven years ago, Sheila Taylor started her accounting career at The Country Hen in an old mobile office. The snow was very high, and the winter was very cold. The office was filled with too many people. We thought that the high winds might turn over the mobile office, but it didn't.


Sheila Didn't Know Anything About Hens

Sheila was a graduate of Nichols College, which is well known in the area, but she didn't know anything about hens or organic eggs. She was very quick to learn about the organic feed, birds that were on the floor, and windows that ran all the way down the sides of the barns. The windows are open in the spring, summer, and fall.


The Night Of The Police

In 1997, Sheila was working late in the office at about 8:00 p.m., when she received a call from the police. Some of the hens had gotten out of the barn. Sheila jumped into her red Beretta, and drove to the barn to try and catch those hens. Finally she and our neighbor, Toni, caught these three scared hens. Sheila put these ladies back in the barn and fixed the window so they couldn't escape again.


The Old and The New

Sheila found our old computer system was not very complete. I thought it was wonderful. It cost about $300.00 when we started the company. But, it couldn't produce many of the reports that we needed. Sheila found a great computer system with lots of 'bells and whistles'. She spent days and nights searching for accounting programs. Finally, she found a new system. She had a great idea; she ran the old system side by side with the new for about three months. At the end, the new modern accounting system was perfect.


She Does All Sorts Of Things

Sheila does our accounts receivables, organic certifications, and all the monthly accounting reports. She has even planned most of the holiday parties for The Country Hen Team Members. She gives it a lot of effort. She is a good Mother Hen for the company.


For those at the Country Hen,

George S. Bass

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