The First Cow Barn For Hens
Our newest barn - 2008-04-15

Dear Egg Buyer,

We are not sure, but we think this is the first cow barn in New England that is now filled with hens. Mr. Dennis Long bought the Summit Farm in New Braintree, MA in 1972. At on time he had 85 cows, but stopped dairy farming in 1986, just as many dairy farmers in Massachusetts have. In 1978, there were 902 dairy farms in our state, but by 2007, that number had declined 79% to 189 farms!


A Second Floor

As you can see, the barn has two floors. When Mr. Long had his 85 cows, about 40 of them were housed on the second floor of the barn. I have never seen milking cows on two floors like that. This was done to keep heat on the first and second floors because the winters are so cold in Massachusetts.


The First Floor

In January of 2008, we put 3,400 hens in the first floor of the barn. Bob Beauregard, our general manager, set up our nests, our wooden benches and slats, and the 'red bell' plasson waterers. Bob was helped by Mr. Long and three other members of The Country Hen team: Wally, Don, and Piro.


We've taken this old cow barn and turned it into our newest chicken barn, and wanted to take the opportunity to share it with all of you.


For those at the Country Hen,

George S. Bass

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